Our Philosophy



We live in most interesting times and probably the most complex in history given that in 1901 information was doubling every 500 years. Today, it is doubling much faster than that.

The cost of living, property prices, wage stagnation, a manipulated financial system, a non-workable tax system – it is simply that “the deck is stacked against you”!

The fact that many people will retire later than expected raises questions, given the access to more information than ever before. We think the reasons are primarily: lack of focus, specialised knowledge, dedicated time, training, practice, experience and overall lack of priority. Are you exchanging your time for money, a wage-less tax?

Many investors set a retirement date as their focus without considering the true risk factors for their hard-earned capital. The key in our practice and research and also from personal experience, is not to rely on markets but to “move through markets”!

Are you a Market Maker or a Market Taker?

Why do the wealthy seem much more comfortable, less stressed, have all the time with family and go on holidays so much while the average, particularly retirees, are sweating the “close of market prices” or dread their account balances when opening their end of month statements?

Everyone is a Trader!

If you are at school or working today, you are trading your time for money or knowledge. You can make more money but you have a finite amount of time.

People must take notice and change their perception or they will be left behind.


“We don’t rely on markets”.
“We move through markets”.

HAMILTON-CHASE Pty Ltd has been built from the ground up to deliver a path on capital.

HAMILTON-CHASE’s Director and major shareholders will have at least 25% up to 75% in all investment vehicles at any one time to align themselves with investors.

HAMILTON CHASE Select Investment Fund (Fund) is a registered managed investment scheme that will be open to Wholesale and Sophisticated Investors with a minimum investment amount $50,000.

Melbourne Securities Corporation Limited AFSL No. 428289 (MSC) (Trustee) is a professional trustee firm, licensed by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) under Australian Financial Services Licence No.428289.  Melbourne Securities Corporation Ltd is the Responsible Entity of the Fund.

Hamilton Chase Pty Ltd (Fund Manager) has been appointed as fund manager of the Fund under a Management Agreement with MSC.

The Fund primarily invests in property developments in Australia and the United States.

The Fund Manager will control the initial land acquisition and construction right through to sales and leasing.

The investments in the Fund will range from Residential to Commercial property development along with Land subdivisions. The Fund Manager has positioned itself with the top four banks in Australia to provide capital to financially assist property developers in need of capital and this is either negotiated as equity, (Joint Venture) or term finance for up to 3 years.

The Fund Manager also has the capacity to invest in listed or private companies that are related to property and various sectors non-property related. For example: listed companies and or fixed rate, capital guaranteed products that are generally more difficult to access.

We are now able to deliver these vehicles through scale.

The mission is to achieve returns in excess of the relevant benchmark, being the Mercer/IPD Australian Pooled Property Fund Index.

The material on this page is general advice only and does not take into account your personal financial circumstances, needs or objectives. Before acting on this information, you should consider whether the advice is suitable for you and your personal circumstances. You should also consider the Product Disclosure Statement and the Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement relating to the specific investment you are interested in before deciding whether to apply for an interest in the Fund or a particular Sub-Trust. The Product Disclosure Statement and Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement will be issued by MSC and will made available on this website when the Fund and specific investment is open.